Terminali elettronici e stampanti
The new Dialogica series of terminals reflects the outcome of advanced and constant research, and of the considerable know-how acquired by Coop Bilanciai in the weighing sector.
Innovative terminals, designed to satisfy the new requirements of a market in constant evolution. The D 400 electronic terminal ensures maximum ease of dialogue with the operator, thanks to a backlit graphic display which is extremely simple to use and offers the facility of changing the shape and size of characters to suit different operating conditions.  Rack-mounting and tabletop versions are available, both presenting similarly compact dimensions.  This is a weighing terminal with a notably versatile range of use: from simple weight display to automation systems for industrial process.  The product bears the EC mark in accordance with EEC directive 90/384, and is connectable to any type of load cell. Monoscale and multirange versions are available.